On the 1st of March, 2011,
we spoke with each other's tongues.

Today we tried to modify and examine they way we speak. Usually everyone has their 'way of talking' in a discussion or just in a normal conversation.

After generating the frame, we chose to speak about what kind of introduction we should have for the Conditional Design publication we are working on right now.
We recoded our conversation and transcribed it - read below. Unfortunately in Dutch.

Construction of the Frame

  • Participants: In our case we were three people - Jonathan Roel and Luna.
  • Every participant gets another participant appointed as a partner.
  • Lead a conversation.
  • During the conversation the partner has to note (in a text document) one word from each sentence of his 'master'. He is supposed to note the words that he finds interesting, specific or remarkable in some way. The notation will say something about both - the one noting the words as well as the one who speaks.
  • Conversation: Speak about "What do you think Conditional Design means to other people."
  • The conversation should last ca. 20 - 30 minutes.
  • At the end of the conversation each participant has a list of words he used noted by his partner.

Playing with the Frame:

  • Exchange the list of words you just created and take a list of words of someone else.
  • Start anoter conversation with a topic that is close to you.
  • When you speak use at least one word of your list per sentence. Use the words in the order of the list starting from top.
  • Speak slow and construct your sentences so that they make sense. It is very funny because one has to express something in a sometimes quite complicated way in order to incorporate the words from the list.