Packing Circles, Squares & Triangles

Packing Problems

An exhibition by Moniker.
BOX, Vestergade 49 B Aarhus Denmark

We designed a carpet based on work of Erich Friedman, Stetston University.
Commisioned by LYNfabrikken and produced by Ege.

If you want to pack the biggest possible circle in a square you can probably imagine what it looks like, but how about packing seven equally sized circles in a square? How would they be organized? How about packing 10 squares packed in a square? How would you fit them?

Erich Friedman, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stetson University Florida has made a beautiful overview of scientific solutions to these 'packing problems'. Most of them are symmetrical and make sense immediately but sometimes they are far from obvious. We took these beautiful solutions and turned them in a colorful carpet.